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Westbound on the Santa Monica Air Line over Motor Avenue - September 27, 1953

This Alan Weeks photograph shows Pacific Electric car 1299 on a charted club trip. In 2008, he wrote:
"This line was de-electrified one month later. A private car belonged to the officials of the P.E.R.Y.
It had leather chairs, a kitchen, bathroom and carpets."

P_E_R_Y__Car_5117_At_Talmantes_Jct__Looking_East_To_Military_Ave__19530717.jpg P_E_R_Y_Eng_1613_Leaving_Beverly_Hills_Sta__At_Cannon_Dr_19530620.jpg P_E_R_Y__Car_1299_Air_Line_At__Motor_Ave__195309270001.jpg P_E_R_Y__Car_5117_Looking_East_At_Palms_Sta_19530717.jpg P_P_R_Y_Eng__1603-1625_Meeting_At_Culver_Junction_19531213.jpg