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Westbound on the Santa Monica Air Line at Ocean Park - July 17, 1953

Alan Weeks took this photo of PERY car 5117 at Ocean Park near the end of the Air Line during a Sunday charter trip. On October 13, 2008, he wrote, that "someone knew no regular trains ran on Sunday, so [he] used the track for a parking lot. I think someone got the door open and we moved it."

007_-_PERY_Car_5117_Santa_Monica_Air_Line_West_of_Palms_19530717.jpg USGS_Map_-_1896.jpg 011_-_PERY_Car_5117_End_of_Line_Ocean_Park_19530717.jpg 012_-_PERY_Eng_1613_West_On_Santa_Monica_Blvd__Near_Sepulveda_19530620.jpg PERY_19480509_Chartered_Car_1371_Westbound_On_Exposition_Blvd__USC.jpg